Reilly and JT at the JiuGo book launch

When I started writing the JiuGo book I had no idea it would evolve into an entire world. As I learned along the way from many different authors, blogs, articles and sources to celebrate the birth of a new book requires a celebration- A launch Party.

In the initial stages of imagining and planning this party I had no clue what a book launch was meant to look like? Who to invite and how to reach them? I really wanted to have this party in a book shop. Upon closer investigation it revealed it’s self to be a terrible idea with the maximum space being about 15-20 people. I wanted to have a BIG party.

Fortunately the legendary Jungle Brothers Gym in botany where I teach BJJ was open to me using the space on a Sunday and it’s beautiful open and free format proved to be the ideal spot.

Using posters, flyers, FaceBook, Instagram and word of mouth I drove the message of a huge kids party for about 6 weeks. With the genius help of my sister Kate and my partner Ola we created hype, organised gift bags, DJ’ing, face painting, a branded photo booth, JiuGo merchandise and even had a coffee cart with branded cupcakes.

The effort to organise the launch was truly a team effort and could not have happened without the good will and effort of all those close to me. By the time the day came I really didn’t know what to expect? Once the kids started to show up in their BJJ uniforms and the Balloons started to get thrown around then chaos ensued, in a good way.

I signed many copies of the book and got to talk to people I had never met but were interested in the JiuGo story. It was really special. The kids were playing games and running around on the BJJ mat the parents were enjoying the coffee and cupcakes and everyone was feeling the over sized kids party vibe.

We had a colouring in competition , gave out party bags and awarded prizes. One of the best things was a drawing done by Reilly of JiuGo, Maro and Phibs. It was an amazing thing to see something you made inspire a another child to create something of their own.

I did a short reading from the book of the moment that JiuGo meets Maro. I had a chance to explain some broader ideas that go behind the characters in the book. There is a link to the video of the reading at the bottom of the post.

It was exciting, exhausting and memorable. It all went better than I expected and I can’t wait to really push things to the next level for the launch of Book 2 later this year.

JiuGo Book Reading Video

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