Concept Sketches for Cover Art of Book 2, JiuGo: Shadow Of Nero

No sooner does one project finishes another one begins. Originally JiuGo: The Power Of Jiu-jitsu & JiuGo: Shadow Of Nero were one long 120k word manuscript. Under the better advice of my editor Connie, she recommended separating the story into 2 parts as even most adults will not read a book that long let alone a 10yr old child.

Interestingly enough there are 2 major narratives within this introduction to the world of JiuGo and his home town of GreyStains. The 2 books span JiuGo’s last year in primary school. The first book sets the scene and introduces the major characters, with JiuGo our unlikely hero pitted against an almost unbeatable bully Marcus Caesar Vieira. When JiuGo discovers the Power of Jiu-Jitsu the course of his life is change forever.

JiuGo also makes some celestial friends in the form of Maro, a friendly Grim Reaper who has been exiled and Phibs a 3 eyed frog who is enlightened. These other worldly being prove helpful in this first phase of the journey. There is a reason Marcus is such a terrible bully- it’s what he has been taught at home. Enter Nero Caesar Vieira the dictator of Greystains.

Though he was well respected and the towns people were grateful for everything Nero had done and the jobs he provided at the GenCon Factory that kept the town alive there was always a tinge of fear whenever his name came up. Everyone knew not to get on the bad side of Nero but you never called him by his first name, only Mr Vieira or Caesar.

Nero’s shadow hung over the town and no-one challenged it. When disaster strikes at the GenCon factory something isn’t right. JiuGo takes it upon himself and his supernatural friends to discover the truth.

I am excited to get JiuGo book 2 out into the world as it has more action and complexity than the first book. I am also excited for the cover art which will be the next step in building the artwork for the comic book and ultimately the animated series.

At the top are some concept sketches from a new artist I am working with. Stay tuned to see what direction the final artwork heads in. JiuGo: Shadow Of Nero to be launched 30th June 2022!

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